models - 2008 Nagari (Mk X)
THE NEW NAGARI -Latest updated information  
The Bolwell factory has just released two new photographs of the lastest Nagari for the launch of the Melbourne Motor Show in March 2008.

The new logo that the factory has released.

This vehicle has been designed to be an ordinary road car that the wife can take to do the shopping (yea right!!!).
Performance targets for the new Nagari include a 0-100 km/h time of 4 seconds, achieved through a classic
combination of light weight - under 900 kg - and the power of a supercharged Toyota V6, similar to the one
currently doing time in the TRD Aurion.

Unlike the original, the new Nagari should ride as well as it handles, with its double-wishbone suspension
setup drawing on the classic concepts of ultra-soft springing with lots of control for large suspension movement
and fine handling.

The interior is said to be roomy with good access and comfortable performance seating for a driver and
passenger up to at least 195 cm (6'5?) tall.

  Photos of the new Mk X or Nagari at the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show  
The fortunate few who had a sneak preview. Click on the image for a slightly larger view
More photos, click on this link here