By present owner Gary A.

1970-Ordered by Peter Haydon of California USA. It was the first and subsequently only left hand drive Bolwell ever produced.
It was never exported however.
Here it is (on the left) in1973 at the Melbourne Motor Show.
In 1975 it was purchased by Chris Clearlhan of Canberra after rolling his ex John Latham Nagari at the Hume Weir circuit. Much of the mechanics were fitted into it and he raced it in left hand drive for several years.

The photo on the left here shows the car belong to Alan Hanns of Adelaide who purchased it in 1977. Alan coverted it to right hand drive placed a 500 hp 351dry sump 41DA Webber race motor from a Ford Pantera under the bonnet. This motor was bought back by the original owner. dslkljkjslkjlsdkjlskdjflks
Then in 1981 it went across to Perth when it is was bought by Rob Wilson who put in a 380 hp Chevrolet 302 Trans Am engine and a 9 inch rear brake axle. (photo on right)

In 1985 Rob sold onto Steve Pretzel of Perth who subsequently won the Yokohama Street Car Series of that year with 19 wins from 21 starts (photo on left).
Colin McAlister of Goulburn NSW then bought the car in 1988 and contrinued to race it until he retired it in 1992.
Colin placed a 4 speed top loader gear box, 30 x 310mm
full floating disk rotors with 4 piston Lockheed calipers, fully rose jointed Bolwell front and 4 link with panard bar rear suspension, coil over Armstrong adjustable and Mawer 9 adn 11 by 15 inch race wheels.
Vehicle still holds many Productions Sport Car records
with a top speed of 158 mph at Longford Motor Circuit in Tasmania. In 1994 Colin rebuilt the bare chassis and put in a 302 Clevland motor, new bonnet, boot and door panels.
(Photo of Colin with car on right).