Bolwell Car Club of Australia

Welcome to the Bolwell Car Club!

The aim of our club is dedicated to the maintenance, preservation and enjoyment of the BOLWELL marque.

We are a small group of enthusiasts who currently own, have owned, or in the process of rebuilding a Bolwell sports car. We are located in Queensland, New South WalesVictoriaSouth Australia and Western Australia.

The vehicles were manufactured in Melbourne during the 1960s and 70s. Built of fibreglass, their power to weight ratio is amazing. As only approximately 700 were built, the Bolwell is considered to be one of the rarest sports cars in the world today.

The Bolwell Car Club of Australia (BCCA) is one of Australia’s oldest one-marque sports car clubs. It was founded in 1968 on the initiative of Mr A W (Bill) Griffiths who invited known owners of Bolwells to attend an initial get-together at his home in Ivanhoe, Melbourne. The Victorian group quickly formed BCCA(Vic), elected a Committee, became affiliated with CAMS and soon began competing in motorsport events such as the then annual 6-hour races at Winton and at Hillclimbs such as Lakeland and Morwell. Initially, Bolwell owners in NSW, SA, Q’ld and Tas joined the new club in Victoria but the number of cars grew in NSW, SA and WA and led to the formation of their own clubs.

In the early 1970s, some of the Victorian club’s first members visited the Sydney and Adelaide owners to enjoy the camaraderie natural among Bolwell enthusiasts, discuss the challenges facing car builders and lay the foundation for interstate friendships. During this same period, BCCA(Vic) became a founding member club of the Marque Sports Car Association (MSCA). For many more recent years, Bolwell Club members from Victoria, NSW, SA and WA have met at various locations across Australia at Easter time to enjoy a well organized social gathering with motoring events, concours, dinners, etc. These annual Easter meetings provide ample evidence of the many magnificent Bolwells owned by current club members, from Mark 4 to Ikara. Many owners have made life-long friends through membership of BCCA.

The BCCA’s newsletter, “Slipstream”, commenced early in 1969 and each State still produces its own monthly edition to this day. BCCA enjoys strong support from the Bolwell Corporation who usually host a special meeting at their factory once each year. Attendance at monthly club meetings in Victoria is consistently strong, with an average of 50 members enjoying proceedings.