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Details: 1937 Ford chassis with a V8; “pretty thunderous” (built by Campbell Bolwell)
No. built: 1
Year: 1958

Mk.3 (A & B)

Details: Jaguar engine in Austin Healey 100 chassis (built by Winston Bolwell and Graeme Bolwell)
Nos. Built: 2
Year: 1962


Details: Steel-back bone chassis; 6-cylinder Holden engine & components; sold in kit-form.
Nos. Built: 75 (Approx.)
Years: 1964 - 1967


Details: Steel backbone chassis; 6-cylinder Holden engine & components, sold in kit-form.
Nos. Built: 450 (Approx.)
Years: 1967 - 1972

Mk.9 'Ikara'

Details: Space-frame chassis; Volkswagen Golf 1.6 litre transaxle engine, mid-mounted.
Nos. Built: 12
Years: 1979 - 1980


Details: MGJ2 chassis, Ford10 engine
No. built: 1
Year: 1960

Mk.4 (A & B)

Details: Bolwell Cars 1 st commercially produced car. Space-frame chassis; Ford 4-cylinder engine (other engines were also used); sold in kit-form.
Nos. built: 80 (Approx.)
Years: 1962 - 1965


Details: 1-off race-car, still running in historic racing events. Space-frame chassis; 6-cylinder Holden (mid-mounted) engine & components.
No. Built: 1
Year: 1969

Mk8 ‘Nagari’

Details: Steel backbone chassis; Ford V-8 (Windsor / Cleveland) engines & components; initially sold as a fully built, turn-key production car, later also available in comprehensive kit stages.
Nos. built: 118
Years: 1969 - 1974

Nagari 300

Details: Carbon/Kevlar Tub; Toyota 3.5ltr V6 engine mid-mounted
Nos. Built: 6 (incl. prototype)
Year: 2010

Nagari 500

Details: Carbon/Kevlar Tub, mid mounted Chev LS3 V/8 engine, Audi 6 speed transaxle
Nos. Built: 1 (so far...)
Years: 2019 - Today